Ode to a tyre swan

‘Tyre Swan’ necklace, sterling silver and cold-enamel, handmade by Victoria Mason

ahh…this little necklace has been on my mind for over a year and on my bench for about 8 months (things happen pretty slowly round here). She’s called ‘Tyre Swan’ (and a big thanks to Michi Girl today:))

I was going to call her ‘Swanette’ (with a nod to Warwick Capper) but it turns out that they’re not as well-known a garden ornament as I’d thought, but to me it’s the best suburban-lawn decoration ever.
There used to be a house down the road from where I grew up which had ALL of that beautiful australian flair – post box held up by a stiffened chain, garden gnomes, a driveway flanked by scalloped half tyres painted white, and of course the tyre swans as both hanging plant basket variety and the‘sitting’ plant holder‘. Is there a better way to use spare car tyres?