Book love

Anne of Green Gables – L.M Montgomery, 1963 This book is visiting us at the moment & every time i look at it it makes me happy.  I have total book-love – it’s a combo of its sunny-coloured cover, plus the fact that it’s a classic (i reckon it wouldn’t be as beautiful if it was this […]

Who gives a fig?

Figs with almonds and lemon syrup (in apple bowl) After a tough few months of not eating refined sugar (i used to replace meals with chocolate bars..oops) I was truly excited to be given this treat the other day (each lemony fig has an almond nestled in the center) I offered them around but i […]

This is…something i’m surprised i like

Phunny Phoreign Phoodstuphphs: Pineapple Lumps, originally uploaded by foonus. Thank you to our lovely ‘This is…’ hostess Angela. Pineapple lumps. who thought of that name? fan-bloody-tastic…pineapple lumps! (no over-selling there!) The reason that i’m surprised i like them is because they are SO unlike their namesake – matchbox shaped bright yellow nougat(?) covered in chocolate […]

Iron Maiden

‘Iron Maiden’ handmade sterling silver earrings 8mm x 11mm I thought that as i got older i’d eventually get into a laundry routine – you know, the washing on saturday, ironing on sunday kinda thing but it’s just never happened.  After all this time i’m still a bit iron-as-you-need-it…but i do like irons, so i […]

This is…

Kiosk window at Platform 1, Flinders St Station The lovely Angela has as asked me to host ‘This is…” so this week’s theme is ‘…what i’m surprised i like’ (cause it’s good to get a nice surprise)

Ode to a tyre swan

‘Tyre Swan’ necklace, sterling silver and cold-enamel, handmade by Victoria Mason ahh…this little necklace has been on my mind for over a year and on my bench for about 8 months (things happen pretty slowly round here). She’s called ‘Tyre Swan’ (and a big thanks to Michi Girl today:)) I was going to call her […]

On my desk…

On my desk today is the beginning of a pendent idea (the photo ended up a little more 70s-style than i planned). I’m going to solder some miniature spoons and forks on them too & I think they’ll be very cute when they’re finished. I have to struggle not to take the file/hammer marks off the […]

The good scissors

‘the good scissors’ handmade sterling silver earrings 14mm x 10mm hot off the press… These are one of the new earring designs that i will be selling soon called ‘the good scissors’ I can still hear mum calling out “NOT with the GOOD SCISSORS!”, probably after being sprung cutting paper with the ones from the […]

Tape another little piece of my heart now baby…

old tapemeasure on old records Someone lovely gave me this beautiful tapemeasure on the weekend & it’s especially good cause it’s in inches!  I actually haven’t done any sewing for years but I still love my sewing basket cause it reminds me of when my mum used to make clothes for my sister & me (then […]

Dirt graffiti

Dirt graffiti on delivery van door So this made it to my ‘happy list’ cause it made me laugh. It was a couple of weeks ago & we had just finished moving house (always awful!), I was exhausted and over it until the guy closed the van doors and…comedy gold!