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Polkadot earrings in the saint-nick of time!

Polkadot earrings – $25, now available through the website every year i say it. “next year, i’ll be a bit more organized & it won’t be crazy like this” but you know what i realized? I choose this chaos! there, now, i’ve said it. If there’s a gap my the timetable, i fill it, actually, […]

Jenny the Donkey

“There once lived a man called Chris who loved his wife, Trish, very much & wanted to have a special anniversary prezzie made for her…a silver donkey necklace! How could i not? (i already had an appreciation) So off i went researching donkey pictures & started the first version.. I found a picture of a […]

Making ‘ring pulls’

More & more frequently i do commissions, especially when they’re fun ones🙂This time the brief was to reproduce a business logo in silver so that they could be worn as earrings & lapel pins. So for this project a model (original) needed to be made & cast, then the duplicates made into the different items.I […]

Making new things..Protractors!

  Protractor earrings, Sterling Silver $66 do you remember getting your first geometry set? I loved geometry, a little bit like art, more like ‘organised drawing’. Maybe this is where i got my love of specialty tools?? So here’s my tribute to Year 4 geometry & learning fun things 🙂 i started with a piece […]

Making new things..Pencils!

Pencil earrings, Sterling Silver $66 i’ve been meaning to make these for a while, then i was distracted by making this fortune cookie necklace (which turned out to be much more of a challenge than i’d hoped!) So…pencils! I’ve taken pics along the way, first, dipping into my stash of sheet & wire offcuts. It’s […]

Fortune Cookie necklace available online!

i’m very pleased to say that the Fortune Cookie necklace is now available for purchase online! It’s $370, made in Sterling Silver (with 50cm chain) & comes with some pieces of water-resistant paper so you can write your own fortune & pop it in the necklace. If you’re interested in seeing how it was made […]

Cassette tape engagement ring..

pretty romantic huh?a design so beautifully thoughtful that the whole time i was making this ring i was filled with joy for the 2 of them! I won’t reveal all of his plans but the cassette tape idea was something that Ryan approached me with months & months before he was going to propose to […]

Making new things..Fortune Cookie necklace!

it’s always exciting-times here when i get to make some new pieces!!!there have been a lot of ‘beginnings’ lately & frustratingly few ‘ta-das!’ so i’m very pleased to be able to share theses pics with you!i grew up in the 70s, when the height of culinary exoticism was to dine out in a Chinese restaurant […]

3 new necklaces online:)

run rabbit run necklace, sterling silver, $198fantastic fox necklace, sterling silver, $198 australia necklace, sterling silver, $175 these 3 pieces are now in the online shop – i love how cj can change an ordinary photo (& by ordinary i mean bad..blue background, half in shade kinda thing) & make it look a bit profesh.. […]