the love of a good story…



construction of the Embrace ring – 2015

Garnet, 9ct Yellow Gold, Silver

I find it really tricky to describe the work I do in one snappy sentence. I wish I had a more incisive line than ‘I’m a jeweller’ – perhaps a great tale involving ‘pure mathematical truth’ or my year in Africa. But I don’t.

Before I commit to a design I try to think about what’s needed and sometimes it’s as simple as an idea that makes me happy time & time again.I keep a stash of stories in my mind and sometimes when I get anxious or need a laugh before doing something that requires fortitude, I go back to the thing that makes me smile – like the story that my friend told of eating something that didn’t agree with her, going out for some vigorous dancing & farting like a jack-hammer all night. See?

Another time was when I was working for a very high-end jeweller who made, among other designs, a large diamond pendent which hung on a colourless cord, making it look a bit like it was floating around your neck. One day someone forgot to put it back on its display in the window so ALL MORNING the empty space was labelled ‘Invisible Diamond Pendent’ & when I realised what had happened I laughed so much, I couldn’t breathe. There was absolute poetry – downright Emporer’s-New-Clothes-jewellery-industry brilliance about that display.

Rest-assured, I won’t be making any jewellery celebrating either of these stories, but I do think there are ways of creating objects that can spark positive ideas and that for me, is the Holy Grail. In earlier collections it’s been quite figurative (Sharpening Necklace, Teacup Earrings, Fox Ring) & more recently I’ve tried to convey those feelings using shape, colour & balance. I try to make work that adds beauty to the world – perhaps that’s how I should describe what I do from now on?

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