Lausanne to Paris

“A mandarin was the perfect icebreaker for two travellers on a train.
A music score lead to philosophical investigations, and a cat called Two Mountains”

Izzy was travelling by train between Switzerland & France & noticed a fellow traveller looking at sheet-music via his iPhone. She offered him some mandarin and asked him about the score, he told her that he was learning piano, (which he loved even though some people may think he was too old) and he’d discovered he was able to “speak with a different voice”. More conversation revealed that he was a philosophy teacher in Paris and had a cat with distinct triangular patches on its fur who was called Two Mountains.

Philosophical Conversations is an essay by an Austrian-British philosopher called Ludwig Wittgenstein which was published after his death in 1953. It’s understood to be one of the most important books of 20th-century philosophy and relates to how it is essential that a language is shareable, but this does not imply that for a language to function that it is in fact already shared.