“New Year in Southeast Iran 1395, their accommodation a cave carved from the mountain.
Four travellers weave a fifth onto their loom and take off in search of adventure & idyllic desert picnic spots”

Anne-Laure was travelling through Iran in 2016 and went to great lengths to arrive in the troglodyte village of Meymand (bus, bus, taxi) which is a remote town believed to be around 10,000 years old whose inhabitants live in caves dug out from the mountain. There were no other English speakers in the village which made it difficult to arrange transport to the next city but she discovered in the neighbouring cave, four Iranians who spoke limited French, a language they shared. They invited her to travel with them, visiting a nearby town famous for their textiles. On their last day together, the Iranian travellers surprised her with a generous gift of a beautiful, locally made tapestry bag .

Apparently locals are always ready for a picnic with snacks, rugs and hot water. If they passed a particularly idyllic spot – like a peach tree in blossom (which happened) they would set up an instant banquet and steep the blossoms in water as tea.

Nowruz translates to ‘new day’ and is the name of the Iranian and Persian New Year

Iran lives by the Persian calendar which counts the years from a different point to the Gregorian calendar (Western). Persian New Year is celebrated on March 21st so in 2016 it was also 1395.