Washing Day Necklace

It could be your first hangover, your first overseas trip, or the first time you number all the boxes below the line on your ballot paper (it happens), but in the crowded race for the ultimate sign of being all grown up, spare a thought for “doing your own washing” (with bonus points for “at least a day ahead” – detract points for “I’ll be a bit late, my top’s still in the dryer”). This fab necklace goes beautifully with whatever you’ve just pulled off the line.

each original Victoria Mason jewellery design starts life as a drawing, is then hand made in silver using traditional jewellery techniques, and finally cast in Sterling Silver and hand-finished. Victoria Mason Jewellery uses recycled Australian silver where possible.



Product Description

Sterling silver with 50cm sterling silver chain. Pendant measures approx 50mm by 30mm.