Hello Love Necklace – A Vali Myers Tribute

Vali Myers was an artist who was easily one of the most intriguing people I’ve ever met. She would greet you with a warm smile, her exotic appearance at beautiful odds with her broad Australian accent (with a a hint of travel). “hello love” is how she greeted me, so when i took part in an exhibition in honour of the late (but forever-alive) artist, I made a loving tribute to her cat-like face tattoo. Vali lived a complex life and was well loved by many people – this necklace is a quiet reminder to ask yourself, ‘what would Vali do?

This piece coincided with the launch of a book about her life & artworks called Night Flower – The Life and Art of Vali Myers at Outre Gallery in Melbourne.

Each piece is editioned (eg. 1/50) & only 50 necklaces will be made.

Available in Silver or Blackened Silver



Product Description

Sterling Silver with 60cm chain

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