Too Fat For Tahiti

“A Yahoo chat room was the soil and Skulker, the seed.

Two lovers of music from different states, two pen-pals destined for a fierce, multi-state friendship”

Liz and Emma met on a Yahoo Chat room fan-page for a Sydney all-girl band called Skulker. They lived in different states of Australia & bonded over their shared love of Skulker’s new album called Too Fat for Tahiti (2000). Over the years they both moved around to different states and then countries but always kept in contact. They now live close to each other in Melbourne.

The name apparently came about because the musicians were all set to do a paid residency at a resort in Tahiti but as the final step, management asked to see a photo of the women. Just after receiving the photo, the employment offer was withdrawn, leaving the assumption that the reason they lost the job was that they were ‘too fat for Tahiti’.