About Victoria


CloseUpPortraitHiResVictoria Mason is a jeweller working in Melbourne. She tells stories through jewellery & small sculpture by distilling a feeling or an idea into a seemingly-simple object.
“If you choose to add more things to the world, try to make them useful, beautiful and well made. We live our lives in a state of busyness barely slowing down at times, fearful of the silence. Is it advisable to maintain this pace or can we sometimes allow the quietness in, just for a few minutes a day, to recalibrate our emotions.”

Victoria has amassed a collection of powerful designs over the years, which tap into those quieter feelings and resonate with a broad spectrum of people. Working in jewellery & small sculpture has allowed her to tell stories through objects, to remind us of times in our own lives that allowed for more introspection, more considered observation. Sometimes the most complex ideas can be distilled into a simple shape or spark of a memory & this is what Victoria’s work allows us to do. The balance between beauty & function has been realised through years of studying both the technical side & the emotional resonance of jewellery. It is through keen observation skills & an ability to translate those feelings into objects that results in a body of work that is meaningful to so many people.

Work History

Victoria Mason has made jewellery for over 20 years, starting at Sydney College of the Arts where she completed a bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Jewellery & Object Design under the guidance of contemporary jewellers such as Helge Larsen, Margaret West & Rowena Gough. After graduation she completed an apprenticeship in Trade Jewellery working under master jeweller Raoul Merten. In 1999 she completed a Diploma in Gemmology, the combination of all 3 studies allowing her to translate ideas into beautifully realised pieces. Victoria started her own jewellery practise in 2002 and has shown her work though galleries such as Makers Mark & Outre Gallery (Vic) as well as exhibitions at Sturt Gallery (NSW) & KickArts Gallery (QLD). In 2012, Victoria teamed with the multi-disciplinary artist, Ghostpatrol, to make 2 limited edition artworks of small sculpture + prints called Witchn & Book Protect. Later that year, she was asked to take part in a tribute-exhibition for the late Vali Myers where she produced another limited edition piece of jewellery which were snapped up by Vali’s loyal admirers. Victoria’s work is held in private collections in Russia, UK, America, China, Scotland, Canada, Denmark, Portugal & many more. For those who admire Victoria Mason’s jewellery, there is often a strong emotional response to her work. Victoria makes a combination of small-production pieces that are sold throughout Australia, as well as one-off commissions & collaborations.