The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us is a kinetic sculpture (mobile) by Victoria Mason, suspended at ‘The Cube’ at Convivio, Oaxaca, Mexico opening on February 22nd, 2018.

In conjunction with the Trueque Festival 2018 – a cultural exchange between Australia & Mexico.
“¡Trueque! is a project created by an international multidisciplinary team of people, passionate about the culture surrounding coffee; committed to the premise that the exchange of skills, experiences and intercultural awareness has incalculable benefits.”
(‘Trueque’ is a word used often in Mexico & means exchange or barter)

The Space Between Us is a work that features embossed copper poem-stories of connections between people. Each story was collected through interviews held in Melbourne and Oaxaca and then transcribed and pared down into short narrative stories. The poems resemble crossword clues in which the whole story is condensed.

There are 12 anecdotes of connection, where a leap of faith, a sparked interest or a fortuitous meeting was the catalyst for friendship but a decision needed to made by the individuals to invite the other person into their lives – crossing the space that exists between us.

The short narrative poems are hand-embossed onto thin copper sheet which is then painted & scratched back, revealing the stories. The copper disks are then suspended in a mobile, reminiscent of Alexander Calder’s kinetic sculptures of the 1930s which derive their motion from touch or the air currents in the room. The movement of the stories relate to the often transitory nature of meeting people which occasionally lands in friendship.

Below are the titles of each story, please click through to read a transcription of each poem, with an explanation of the words beneath.


Lords of Terror
Too Fat For Tahiti
Union Rd
Toronto Train
Flatmate Finder
Lausanne to Paris
Paseo a Ciegas
Rock and Hard Places