$100 000 can be hard to swallow..

as you do when in the same room as a 5ct bright diamond – you take a photo. (it was not in my room, i was visiting!)
By the time this ring is finished (made in platinum with other diamond minions) it will be worth about $100 000, quite a gross amount of money by anyone’s standards & really hard to get my head around for so many reasons.
But it was a truly magnificent thing & as a gemmological specimen, extraordinary. Diamonds are totally deserving of their grand Poo-Bah reputation (they win every race in terms of hardness & industrial applications) but the prices that they command are more to do with marketing than rarity.
did you know that the very property that allows a diamond to grow fist-size, like the Koh-i-Noor, also makes it ‘D’ colour & flawless??? how brilliant is that?!
so, i’d love to know, are diamonds your cup of tea or did you choose a different stone for your engagement ring? (me, i bought i diamond years ago, but it’s still in a draw but it’s the wonkiest thing you’ve ever seen, with HUGE carbon spots, lovely!)

5 Responses to “$100 000 can be hard to swallow..”

  1. BANANAS! I can’t believe how insanely rich some people are. It’s almost criminal. I can’t criticize their taste, however. That rock is lovely!

    And, if I was insanely rich as any one person may be, I can’t say I’d be above such a piece. Lotto dreams, commence. Drool in the meantime!

  2. My engagement/wedding ring is this one by Katzinka:

    It’s silver with blue stones. No gold, no diamonds. I had intended to get white gold was surprised when I found out proper ‘white’ gold is quite a dark, dirty colour. So silver it is! I’d love to get one of her thinner yellow gold bands as an eternity ring…

  3. Very pretty but just makes me think of the movie Blood DIamond :/

  4. My engagement ring has a sapphire with two really tiny diamonds. I’m not really a big-rock girl,I wanted something different to everybody else, and not so flashy. I love my sapphire.

  5. I work for a small manufacturer that produces platinum, gold & diamond jewelry for some very high-end international jewelers. As much as I can admire the amazing singularity of a diamond’s sparkle and the spectrum you can view in it’s facets, I find no thrill in them. I handle diamonds worth anywhere from 3 to 5 figures in value, but they give me no thrill. If I had to choose a diamond, I’d rather have a rough diamond, something like Todd Reed works with.