all quiet on the western front…

my studio in the Century building, Melb

oooh hello!
i’ve been a little tardy with my blog entries lately, it’s not that i didn’t have anything to say – there’s been heaps of things going on but my communication gene got switched off somewhere – it’s all through my life at the moment.
there was a bit of ‘dreading having surgery’ during jan, some family-ness that’s filling up my brain at the moment and a general feeling of wanting to be under a doona all day.
but i’m turning a corner – this usually happens after a good clean & organise (studio is a little less full-o-junk now) and cj (who speaks Ikea better than i do :)) installed an Expedia unit! fancy huh?
ps. can you see our dilemma in the photo below? we almost couldn’t lift it up cause the room’s too narrow!
pps. piccies of new pieces to show you soon!

trying to assemble Expedia unit (cj’s pretty leg!)

One Response to “all quiet on the western front…”

  1. Was just sharpening some coloured pencils and thought of you! Hope all is well, good luck in Adelaide, hope that you sell out of all your bits xxx