At laaaast…my necklace has come along…

finished!!..but not polished
polished front view
polished back view
this is what the pendent it is modeled on..
with a bit of foliage (i forgot to bring flowers in!)

ahh..such a nice feeling to finish something new!
it only took a few days but cause i could only get to it every so often it feels like ages!
i scored a groove in the base to that i could recess a small silk bow – red is what i had but i’m not sure of the final colour, maybe people could choose their own?
last night, as i was walking home from the station, i grabbed some yellow flowers (well…weeds actually) & threaded them into the silver & they looked so beautiful. i’m also loving the thought of being able to pick a sprig of jasmine (i better be quick tho cause i think their season is nearly over!) & carrying that scent all day.
happy happy happy!

9 Responses to “At laaaast…my necklace has come along…”

  1. methinks you are abit of genius ms victoria mason.

  2. I’d put rosemary in it! And little bits of lilac! So I could smell it all day.

    The necklace arrived safe and sounds and I received it for my birthday. I love it – thank you fod being such a fantastic artist!

  3. Pure genius!! Delightfully beautiful!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!


  4. So delightful!!! Keep creating please vic!!

  5. oooo WOW!!! That is soooo sweet!1 you could wear frsh violets in there. Sooo pretty!

  6. Oh it’s gorgeous – love the thought of ‘wearing’ fresh flowers through the day!

  7. Wow so amazingly clever and sweet – I love it

  8. LOVE IT!!! Perfect to put little flowers while I take a walk, instead of putting them in my hair.

  9. Ah, that’s where the cookie comes in. Because you are a very clever COOKIE! I love it.