big hottie..

Hottie‘ – sculpture by Kate Spencer

A few years ago i visited Mars Gallery in Port Melbourne & upstairs was this beautiful sculpture of a hot water bottle (it was made out of latex rubber – just like a real one & see what she’s holding? it’s the stopper! bless..)
i thought about it for weeks then contacted the gallery to ask the artist’s name (just so i wouldn’t forget) & they sent me this lovely photo too, well, the one they sent was a proper shot of Kate (with face) but considering it was kind of a personal email i thought it’s more polite if i just ‘suggest’ Kate :)…how cute is she?
wishing this was filled with hot water & sitting under my feet….sooooooo cold in the studio today..
ps. i finished something new (very excited!!) & have given it to Kirsty to show you tomorrow, here’s a hint or two 🙂

7 Responses to “big hottie..”

  1. wow. i want that hot water bottle right now…i’d curl up on it and go to sleep and i’d probably have the best dang sleep anyone ever slept.
    [you can come visit if you want to]

  2. Oh my goodness your granny square is brilliant!

  3. Hi Victoria. Have popped over via Kootoyoo to see your work. Inspired by the little cast granny squares. I’m a bit of a silversmith (still learning as I go) and have really enjoyed seeing your works in progress. I have been crocheting bracelets and trying to find a use for a little granny square. Mine is so lightweight but casting is well beyond my abilities.
    Thanks for sharing what you do.

  4. Utterly frozen-footed and more than a bit besotted with hotties over here as well…

  5. Um Kirsty sent me over here curse her, I am now completely enamoured with you’re work, especially the books, books and minutures two of my favourite things!

  6. HOT! I love this! thanks for sharing! So great.

  7. Oooh does this mean that it’s a new design that will be for sale by any chance????