bonjour sugar daddy..

very cute packaging 🙂 (reminds me of a Dawn Tan drawing! i probably mean subject)

cutely shaped little sugar cubes
bought from Pain de Sucre
& is probably my most favorite dessert i have ever eaten! (white chocolate, green tea & coconut mousse, pistachio, sultanas…)

Ahhh..yep, i could have posted a pic of the Pompidou Centre, or maybe even Eiffel Tower but no, the here is my diary of Paris through food & its packaging!
We’re here for a whole month while cj attends some pastry workshops & i go to some art classes & flea markets. While neither of us speak french we give it a go – & at day 5 haven’t resorted to english yet (except to each other :)).
It’s pretty cold here, about 8* during the day & at night, about 1*! Yesterday morning we went to the ‘Puce de St. Ouen/Clingancourt‘, it’s a centuries-old market filled with antiques, very very beautiful & it was very very cold – if someone had plunged my feet in warm water i think they would have shattered!
In the evening we headed off to ‘Le Bon Marche’ (thanks for the tip Michelle!!) where we bought dinner, wine & cheese.
It’s only 7 am heremy body clock has reset to get up easily at 6 & it seems that parisians are not early risers which makes the mornings very calm (compared to the major over-crowding chaos of the day).
My idea of a crowded train has changed..sheesh! The first carriage at Rushall’s 8.30am train at can be pretty mean but add another 100 people to each carriage AT ALL TIMES & you’re closer to what happens here. so so many peopleit’s clear that space is a real commodity so everyone is in your face, pushing past (on the trains young people push old people & women with babies!)
so off we go again, more exploring todayi’ll let you know what we find 🙂

my secret away-project 🙂

I’ve also pack some jeweller’s wax which is part of a new project..a collaboration with a very exciting artist! so i have some basic hand tools & some of his drawings & so *fingers crossed* i’ll have a few done before we return.

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  1. How exciting, Victoria! Your time in Paris, your collaboration, the food, everything! I agree that the first package does look like something Dawn would paint, and the second too. Enjoy every moment in the City of Lights! I can’t wait to hear more about your “away project” and all about your trip 🙂