Bowerbird Bazaar wrap-up

here are some piccies from the markets i went to last week! (& judging from the amount of Adelaidians who told me it was “about time” there was a market like this one, i reckon people were pretty pleased 🙂 )

‘picnic themed’ display, there’s a bit of gingham, turf & wood
cause i was flying solo this time, i had to be really sparing with the displays – even as it was, i had 22kg of stow-away & a ‘cheeky’ *ah-hem* amount of hand luggage.

there were lots of melbourne peeps there including Rebound Books, Twiglet, Maru, a Skulk of Foxes, Matt bags & Octoberdee, so even though i was by myself there were plenty of friendly faces.

thursday afternoon set-up

beautiful ceiling of the Queen’s Theatre, (better photos here)

didn’t have much time to leave the stall so had to run for this shot..