C is for cookie, Tea is for thermos.

i’m a big tea-lover, especially now that it’s getting colder (& our house is pretty draughty) but i can only drink it when it’s really hot & after that, it’s cactus. (maybe this lady & i can share a cuppa?) So when rooms are chilly like they are now, i have a golden-tea-drinking minute between scalding & Siberian.
but i’ve discovered a solution…(maybe i’m the last one to work this out?) fill a thermos & take the happy-heat with you! so simple…so good:-)
ps. thanks for all the nice comments on the ring! (and yes, ‘Lucy‘ is trickier than ‘Pip‘, unless..have you ever watched Arrested Development?)

2 Responses to “C is for cookie, Tea is for thermos.”

  1. Glad I gave you a laugh with the Lucy comment – or at least I hope I did! The tea is a goer for me too, but I must admit I have fallen hook, line and sinker for loose leaf tea, which I suppose you have to brew before putting it in the thermos which is a bit trickier, I guess…

  2. You’d won me with just the pun in your title! I am a big tea drinker too though I am not one for scolding hot. Perhaps we should have a cuppa one day? I could drink your cooler dregs?