can i get a witness?

yes there are probably simpler ways to do a draw but i wanted to be thorough…
i popped to my studio to use the printer & thought i’d just find a winner while i was here (be a bit efficient) but the first name i took out was friend’s & …it felt like i’d rigged it.
so i’m off back to Ewan so he can draw it with no bias..
p.s i’m still going to give a necklace to the first winner but i’ll still draw another 2 names.
(congrats Jess!)

3 Responses to “can i get a witness?”

  1. OH Vic!!! I’m beyond words!!!! You musn’t !!! You are too kind though and I adore those little necklaces and am thrilled and over the moon at the prospect, ( I don’t want to offend) but this is too much!These are valuable beautiful things, and you were only giving two away.
    I never win anything, trust me to win something I’m not meant to! haha!

  2. Yay for you Jess!
    So generous you are, Victoria.

  3. Love you (even more) for this!