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Emotional Contagion

This morning as I lay in bed, scrolling through social media (bad habit), I was confronted by a really distressing image. As it soaked into my cereal brain I quickly clicked the post away but the damage was done. Breakfast sat heavily in my stomach as I tried my best to make the imprint fade. […]


I boarded the train in the middle of a ticket inspection – an ex military styled team of 4 men and 2 women, clad in black uniforms, metal badges and a chill of authority. As an Undercover Watcher of Authority, I’m always looking out for the little guy, (whoever they are) so I scanned the […]

The perils of old-school photography

  When I was young the four of us went on a family holiday & took lots of photos on a single camera. We posed in front of waterfalls, staring into the sun in order to get a better picture. We lined up along a brick fence & we smiled on cue. When we got […]

Let sleeping dogs (& cats) lie…

Last year i picked up a paintbrush for possibly the first time since high school – could that be true? sheesh. I enrolled in an 8 day class taught by the AMAZING Andrea J Smith  who introduced me to different ways of looking at things – the importance of composition & seeing the colours that […]

The first of many charms..

A well crafted charm bracelet is a beautiful thing. I did part of my jewellery apprenticeship at a country jewellers in NSW – and was schooled in repairing fob chains, ‘Gate’ bracelets, horse-themed pieces, and charm bracelets. It was possible to almost read a person’s life story through well chosen charms, something that i was […]

Never cheap enough for some..

The other day I witnessed some in-store behaviour that surprised me. An immaculately dressed woman was arguing about a sale item she HAD to have – but with an extra discount because there was a pulled thread. I’d heard her Opening Statement to an attendant earlier & then a vicious Argument at The Bar to […]

To Have & To Hold

  To Have & To Hold – a ring & a necklace, are a study of contrasts in their materials, techniques, ages and ideas. If separated into 2 parts – silver & glass – they individually speak of different trades with long histories as well as the distance between their origins. The silver ring & […]

the love of a good story…

  construction of the Embrace ring – 2015 Garnet, 9ct Yellow Gold, Silver I find it really tricky to describe the work I do in one snappy sentence. I wish I had a more incisive line than ‘I’m a jeweller’ – perhaps a great tale involving ‘pure mathematical truth’ or my year in Africa. But […]

When people you like, like people you like..

Mandarines II – Andrea J Smith At a recent multi-generational dinner, the conversation turned to what the other son was up to, not the one sitting next to me but the one studying fine art in Florence. Even as the words came out of my mouth, I cringed at how clichéd they sounded, “A good […]

On the buses…

Recently, I met an artist who also drove the airport shuttle. He was a skilled craftsman and a purist so supplemented his income behind a wheel so that he could continue making exactly what he loved. I asked him if he told jokes when he picked up passengers – bus drivers and butchers are the […]