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Tape another little piece of my heart now baby…

old tapemeasure on old records Someone lovely gave me this beautiful tapemeasure on the weekend & it’s especially good cause it’s in inches!  I actually haven’t done any sewing for years but I still love my sewing basket cause it reminds me of when my mum used to make clothes for my sister & me (then […]

Dirt graffiti

Dirt graffiti on delivery van door So this made it to my ‘happy list’ cause it made me laugh. It was a couple of weeks ago & we had just finished moving house (always awful!), I was exhausted and over it until the guy closed the van doors and…comedy gold!

Paws between posts…

Peggy’s paws Phew! and oops… After the Life in Style trade fair things REALLY started to get busy which is why i interrupted my very short-lived blog. As I’m just learning the ropes with keeping a diary (not counting the ones i wrote in the 80s) i need to take a leaf out of this […]

Casino Royale Flemington

Silver charms by Girls Made This Lovely eco-conscious homewares by Blossom Creations including hemp cushions, tea towels and placemats. Kylie Gartside’s handmade and acid etched silver rings Sharon Muir’s cutest-ever ceramic bunnies Handcrafted cherryblossom pendants with vintage kimono fabrics by Sheva Designs  Book Pendant in book box by Anna Varendorff Oh my it’s been a big […]

Donkey ring thing

Donkey ring stand Thrifted Tuesday Today I struck ring-stand-gold in the the local church oppy! So Donkey’s off to live a happy life with the swan and kangaroo ones i found a few years ago, i suppose 3 makes a collection? 

one word meme too

‘nice table setting’ I found this first on Pip’s website then like the little Gretel-I-am, followed the crumbs to Kirsty’s, Brooke’s and Jess’ (and I loved reading them all). and well, what can i say? i love a bandwagon with room enough for everyone! 1. where is your cell phone? coat 2. your significant other? working 3. your […]

Toot Toot!

‘Washing Day’ necklace Warning…blowing-own-trumpet ahead! Last night on Spicks and Specks (ABC 8.30), Myf Warhurst wore a necklace that I made. Yippee! or so i’ve ben told… Unfortunately i was stuffing my face with pizza here and missed it. On the positive side it turns out that ABC2 shows repeats at 8pm Thursdays, so we’re […]

Look out – Dog a-head!

This is Peggy (named after a clothes peg) and even though she just looks like a floating head in this picture, i swear she also has legs. She’s a funny little one, especially when she does what we’ve dubbed ‘happy teeth’ which is a chopper-gnashing greeting that she reserves for guests. It’s her pure-happiness face […]

It takes a village to raise a market stall

Three cheers for the best tuckshop ladies ever! Hipip Kirsty! Hipip Pip! Hipip Angela! Yesterday was the Melbourne Design Market and i’d just like to say that without the support and hostess-iness  of these three lovelies it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun. We had an unofficial ‘jewellery tuckshop’ theme which gave logic to the […]