cute or creepy?

i’m all into cute..but when i went to have some eggs this morning, colour me surprised to see a pack of faces smiling at me..
now i’m no farmer, but i’m pretty sure eggs are a ‘romantic candlelight dinner’ away from being baby chickens – is it a little creepy? (spose popping a little plastic beak on would be worse…)

4 Responses to “cute or creepy?”

  1. yes they totally came like that! & Genevieve i think you’re right that it was meant to imply ‘happy hens'(yes/yes)but i’ve never seen that before – it reminds me of the stories of farm newbies collecting the ‘wrong’ egg = baby-chicken-horror in the fry pan. too close for my liking!

  2. Aww I think they’re kinda cute. I think the smiles are supposed to show that they came from ‘Happy Hens’. Were they organic free-range?

  3. I don’t know about creepy, but certainly weird!

    I would be a tad more disturbed if OUR eggs came like that… I would wonder just what our chickens had been up to….!

  4. are you serious ? they came like that?
    Creepy…. I doin’t know maybe a bit cute that they are so happy?