Dad Joke

It’s not just the corny line that makes a good dad’s joke, it’s also about timing – when to deploy the strike. You have to make sure that you have an audience cause what’s a dad’s joke if no-one groans? I actually quite like its awkward conversational full stop – done well, there’s usually a decent pun & a collective reaction usually reserved for Christmas cracker jokes.
I boarded the train & sat opposite a suburban Australian couple in their 60s, but an old ‘in their 60s’. She was a large woman, dressed for practical purposes only and I’m guessing they lived in a run-down but extremely clean house. He was small and wearing a vest – he probably always took the garbage out and mowed the lawn because that’s just what men do.
I joined them on the four seater and could feel them both looking at me until the moment I looked at them, which is when they looked away. She took a second look at my shoes & was about to turn away when I caught her eye & smiled warmly.
She turned to look out of the window saying bluntly “I like your shoes…..”
“Oh, thanks…”
“I saw them when you were standing on the platform…
the rest I’m not interested in but I like shoes & hair”
Pause “If it were up to me, everyone would have short hair.
If I had a hairdressers, I’d just give one hair-cut, short”
I wonder when he started lining up the joke – had he heard her talk about short hair before? Almost without moving his lips her husband delivered the only line he’d uttered in this whole conversation:
“And then when they leave they’d all be called Sean”
Aussie boom-tish:)

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