do you believe in st valentine’s?

do you think it’s a day of love & romance or cynical & commercial ploy to guilt us into buying more stuff?
it means big sales for roses & chocolates (is it too much of a cliche to mean much anymore? actually, buy me choccies any day of the year, i’ve no problem with that one) & i’m sure the cash register at Pandora is hot hot hot, but i do like the fact that it makes me think of cj & how lucky i feel.
on the subject of chocolates – does anyone know what happened to the tins of Quality Streets you used to be able to buy in supermarkets? did they go the way of the Polly Waffle & i missed the facebook protest?

2 Responses to “do you believe in st valentine’s?”

  1. I haven’t seen Quality Streets for years and years – and I really miss them, and the Red Tulip Liqueur Cherries!

  2. i was trying to buy them recently too,were they English ? now i will have to do a google and see if i come up with anything…yep poor old pollywaffle,they tried a new recipe to help sell them and that didnt work either …hmm!!