Clearly i need to be asking more questions before i buy through ebay…but off we went (me & my lifting team) to Doveton to strap this hefty puppy to the roof-racks of our little hatchback & drive back on the freeway (slowly & carefully :)) When i got there i saw there was a problem but really, it had been such an effort & it was almost perfect…so i took it anyway.

my new/old drafting desk…can you spot the problem?

i’m guessing they’re not the original legs! #ebayfail

5 Responses to “#EbayFail”

  1. unique indeed! i especially love how different the 2 pieces of chip board are..i did confront the toad-like seller with a bit of..”oh, it has no back legs! you didn’t mention that..” he said something along the lines of “ugghph” *shoulder shrug/looks away*
    but it was only $50, & to leave without it felt like defeat! (but i did leave a negative score on his ebay status)

  2. Hilarious! Although that probably should have been mentioned in the description. Maybe they forgot. So have you left feedback yet?

  3. gives it character?

  4. Well… it’s certainly one of a kind….

  5. ???????????????????????
    legs eaten off by termites?
    the floor was uneven?

    hope you got a discount……