Fancy Dress

A 70 year old woman wearing a fairy costume at an airport truly is a joy to behold. So many questions! Is this everyday or a special occasion? Did you always dress up or just a recent thing? Where did you get your shoes?
She was a flutter of white tulle, glitter wings, silver shoes & pink trimmings.
All I could do was smile like a love-drunk fool as she walked towards me & I heard myself exhale with “you look beautiful…”
She’d actually made a bee-line not for me but for a silver puffer jacket, not my thing (…anymore but I had one like it in 1995:)) and she said “this jacket’s coming home with me!” I nodded & wholeheartedly agreed, I just wanted to be near her, to know more about her story but i was standing at a counter & it was my turn to pay.
The boy at the register rolled his eyes with such flourish I’m surprised he didn’t lose balance & muttered to his colleague “looks like she should be married to Willie Wonka…”
I unpacked my bag searching for a wallet & unloaded a box of pastries onto the counter. They both peered over the bag, like seagulls assessing whether it was worth their time. “Pastries” i said as I smiled in answer to their non-question.
They’d not heard of the bakery (Bourke St) but blankly asked if it was good. Emma & i both started with how amazing it was & how much we’d both just eaten but they remained stonily unimpressed. “Maybe I’ll go there when I’m not on a diet” the beautiful elfin boy said.
It struck me as strangely predictable that they were skeptical of both old women in fancy dress & pastry, two of life’s great joys.
I repacked my bag of treats and as we left the store Emma said that she’d also chatted with the smiley fairy & found out that she was on her way to a party:) I like people who grab joy with both hands. Life is short & often hard & I’m a big believer in fracking-the-happy. So dress like a fairy, eat cake and dance as often as you can, you never know how infectious your happiness may be. –

Original story, written by Victoria Mason
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