Yesterday, Melbourne’s cbd was covered in feathers. Did you see them? I noticed some as I was approaching Collins St but only with hindsight. As I turned into Bourke St small tufts began to appear in doorways but I kept dismissing them, maybe it was a foamy spill over there or an outbreak of pollen caught in the wet gutters as I crossed the road. Not really concentrating, I looked down a laneway & saw a flock of beautifully floating plumes, trapped in a twirling dance between two high walls. I asked around & was told that a man sleeping rough had torn his sleeping bag to pieces & while the torment was happening, the area looked like it was experiencing a delicate snowstorm. This story was told to me in hushed tones & I gathered that it was upsetting to the people who saw it happen.
It reminds me of the butterfly/ tsunami allegory except the butterfly was a man in pain & the tsunami was a gentle layer of white feathers carried by the wind. –

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