Finders Keepers Melb tonight!

so today’s the big day! i’ve bought myself a flat trolley (long overdue:)) & it’s packed in the car ready to roll!
We’ll be there from 6pm-10pm tonight & then 10am-5pm sat so if you’re in the area please come & say hi! our stall is at C4, near the entrance.
I’ve made quite a few new coloured pieces for these markets & they look SO BEAUTIFUL together – kind of like lollies – & i’ve also made some new ‘heart-dish’ earrings which haven’t been released yet so if you’d like to have a sneak preview please come along!

testing out the display in the studio:)the many coloured polkadots!
wing petal earrings in some trial colours (i especially love the yellow!)
hopefully see you soon!

4 Responses to “Finders Keepers Melb tonight!”

  1. Exciting! Will come and say “Hello” this evening.

  2. hahaha!
    I bought TWO flat trolleys!!

  3. I’ll see you there with bells on Madame!

    PS. What’s that previous comment all about?

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