finders keepers…& the amazing Caro Bartling

the beautiful work of Caro Bartling
more of Caro’s work..
and one of my favorites..

yes *blush* a very late post on Finders Keepers (which was over a week ago!)
There’s been some great posts about it here, here & here & the only thing i can really add is that i had the great pleasure of being next to Caro who made the most amazing (and labour intensive) cross-stitched jewellery – how beautiful is it? this is what is written about it on her website..

Caro Bartling’s most recent jewellery-series Leniis named after her two grandmothers and inspired by their thrift and heedfulness. They taught her to not only care for fellow beings but also for the things that surround us. All their belongings were handled with care, darned, mended and repaired if necessary. Admiring this appreciation and knowing that today we mostly use, destroy and replace things, Caro designed brooche-necklace and ring-bracelet combinations made of embroidered and “darned” silver.

i also got to meet the amazing Lexi!! yes the famous PMM herself! it was a special thing to meet someone I’ve only known online – sort of like meeting a celebrity cause I’ve had this one-sided relationship & I felt like i knew her…but not! i kinda wanted to give her big hug but kinda not appropriate when you meet someone for the first time huh? & i also had a great chat with Amy from Badskirt who was there twice! (it is the sort of market that’s good to visit both days cause there’s so much good stuff there:))
i reckon as far as markets go – this is a pretty good one, kind of like how the fed square market was before it went super-designy. People are really pleased to be shopping there – i saw heaps of folks that i recognised from the last one & they were STILL happy!

finders keepers, saturday morning

2 Responses to “finders keepers…& the amazing Caro Bartling”

  1. You are SO funny. We hugged, we chatted. And I was the one in awe of you LADY!

    That Caro jewellery is wild, I’m glad you pointed it out to me, so much work! WOW.

    I loved meeting you two crazy cats. xxx

  2. I love this Jewelry and have never heard of Caro Bartling, it’s so beautiful.
    I’m also super jealous you met Lexi, I’d love to meet her! I would want to hug her too.