finders keepers…

this morning i bought some plane tickets for cj & i to go up to Sydney for Finders Keepers Markets!
i’m very excited:-), i really enjoyed FK last time & got to meet some people i’d only known online & some that i’ve exhibited with before & some that i already knew (but lovely to see a familiar melbourne face!)
so if you’re in sydney on dec 4th & 5th, then please mark it in your diary & come & say hello (it would be lovely to meet you Lexi!)

4 Responses to “finders keepers…”

  1. Awesome! I have told my husband I am going. I am booking in the babysitting time baby!

  2. oh Liz! yes there’s just so much that happens in december, it’s hard to juggle huh? i’ve noticed that there are heaps of markets on that weekend, (& the last week of nov i’ve noticed too)

    Amy, it will be great to chat with you again! (this time i’m going to bring something springy to stand on – all those hours on concrete= saw feet!)

  3. I’ll hopefully get more of a chance to chat this year! With so many great applicants, I didn’t make it this time. That gives me lots of time to shop though!

  4. Have Fun.
    Sydney folk are sure to go bananas over your work!
    I was excited about being accepted too, but alas something has come up and I won’t be going.
    I think we should lobby hard for a Melbourne Finders Keepers!!!!!