First look at the new ‘Winter Brights’ collection!

New ‘Wing Petal’ earrings in blue – $88

Aghhh! how have i left it so long between posts?! so much has happened, so many new design leaps have been made but how can i prove it without writing it down? does a new piece get made in the forest if nobody is there to see it?
So! here we are..& here is a whole brand-spanking new collection called ‘Winter Brights’. This collection is a bit of a nod to the 80s with it’s use of neon coral, neon yellow, neon green & bookish blue (had to balance out all of those neons) & is the perfect way to brighten up those colder months (which, if you live in melbourne, start around now:))

Izzy wearing neon green ‘polkadot’ earrings in sterling silver – $25

Also as part of the collection are ‘Wing Petal’ earrings which look beautiful on & are still light & comfortable to wear.

Wing Petal earrings in sterling silver, in neon coral (worn by Izzy!)

& lastly here are the ‘Love Bubble’ necklaces which come in 2 colourways (i’ve worn mine every day since i first made it & my sister just told me it’s the same with her!)

‘Love Bubble’necklace in sterling silver, with neon coral center $88

‘Love Bubble’ necklace in sterling silver, with blue center $88I’d love to know what you think of these new pieces – we have the whole collection in the studio if you’d like to have a closer look or you can just order online & i can send them out to you:)

Lately i’ve been uploading some pics of the things i’ve been working on to facebook – but then i got to wondering, do you read fb very often? or ever? or do you mostly read blogs? there are just so many ways to communicate!!

31 Responses to “First look at the new ‘Winter Brights’ collection!”

  1. so different to your other stuff but still super cute!

  2. Love the pop of colour πŸ™‚

  3. I tried to be first the other day but my iphone wouldn’t let me post! Love the colours, particularily the one with the coral centre. I’ve had you’re blog in my bookmark list for years but am a lurker and haven’t as much time for blog reading these days so I mostly follow your stuff on fb.

  4. Loving the colour! And yes, I follow you on FB just as much as the blog. Love your work! xx

  5. I check Facebook embarrassingly often. I enjoy seeing your new/custom pieces and love the detail you put into the blog. I would forget to check the blog with out Facebook though.
    I love the brites for winter- and wear my yellow studs from last season quite regularly. I also love how affordable this collection is which means I can afford to mix and match with out feeling guilty. I look forward to everything you create and aim to visit your store this holidays πŸ™‚

  6. VVVV cuute! Colourful and happiness inducing πŸ™‚

  7. Would it be weird to coordinate a neon love bubbles necklace with my cycling high vis windbreaker? Neon…goes with everything.

    Were I to be fortunate enough to win this lovely giveaway I think I’d go for the blue center but it’s a toss up.

    Also, LOVE the wing petal earrings. I’m always after earrings that are a little snazzier than plain studs but not too big.

  8. I am in love with the neon colours! especially the neon coral….where have you been all my life…

  9. Those colours will be a great relief from the grey Melbourne offers during winter! I ‘liked’ you on fb after buying your little tea cup necklace (which I love so much), your comments pop up and I enjoy reading them but never usually comment, so It might feel like your talking to an empty room but I’m there occasionally fb stalking to see what your working on : )

  10. The love bubble necklaces are stunning! The colours you’ve used for this whole range are divine!

  11. I Love the Love Bubble. Have pinned it πŸ™‚

  12. I lOve everything you do. Those bubble designs are so lovely.

  13. These are all lovely. Simple shapes put together beautifully.

    I am pretty certain I’ll be treating myself to some love bubble action very soon πŸ˜€

  14. Ooh am loving your new winter brights jewellery – gorgeous pops of happy colour!

    I usually see your updates via facebook.. πŸ™‚

  15. Love the new range, almost makes me want to pierce my ears to wear the Petals!

    I check your blog more to get updates from you, things tend to get lost on facebook newsfeeds…

  16. I love the bright bubbles on your baubles! These would look amazing with everything! x Miss G

  17. You sure know how to create a winter wonderland…Love your work VM!

  18. Oh my goodness, how cute!

  19. Love the bright colours!

  20. Love a pop of colour with a typical Winter outfit!
    The range is just beautiful πŸ™‚

  21. the colors are phantastic- I see the sun and the flowers!Greats Andrea

  22. The necklaces are so much fun, but then again I love all of the new designs and colors! We’ve just entered Spring here in the northern hemisphere but your new designs would be just as happy in the warmer weather!

  23. lovely mix of colours in both necklaces.
    I always look at your photos on FB, I especially like the photos you post of your work in progress. I usually only pop on to earl & cookie when you post a link on FB. Hope that’s useful info for you.

  24. So much colour, so much cheerfulness! Yay!

  25. It’s so lovely to see some bright colours for winter!

  26. Loving the pop of neon brights for the Winter πŸ™‚ x