form ice bridge!

Northcote ice bridge this morning

did you ever watch the teenage superheros, the Wonder Twins? Zan & Jayna would click their matching rings together & call “Wonder Twin powers ACTIVATE….form of (insert water form for him, animal for her)”. My sister & i use it all the time – for anything resembling a ‘twin’ (but strangely never for actual twins..) more like matching outfits/ jewellery etc. (i was Zan, i thought the water trick was pretty good cause you got blizzards, waterfalls & compicated machinary made of ice …)
Well this morning i had to walk along a bridge that Zan would have been proud of! “form of…an ice bridge!” – can you see the frost on that?

One Response to “form ice bridge!”

  1. I used to watch the Wonder Twins!! I loved them too!