found & kept

stall set-up at Finders Keepers Markets – sydney

…wow… the Finders Keepers markets were as full-on as i’d been told! There were heaps of nice people in the crowd & on the stands (friday night had some especially glamorous ones – i suspect fashion design students:-) like the delightful boy who was wearing a spangly skirt as a yoke) & by the end i was totally exhausted.
But enough resting (i took the day off yesterday), i have a new pendent that’s only days away from being finished so i’m really excited & can’t wait to take a photo!

4 Responses to “found & kept”

  1. hi there- I saw you at the market and recognized your chair necklace, but was too shy to say Hi. So, um.. Hi. Your stand was lovely and your blog is delectable 🙂

  2. The his ‘n’ hers suitcases look fantastic together : )

    Your stand looks fantastic!

  3. It was great to meet you and I wish we had more time to chat. The markets were even busier than I expected and I was prepared for a big crowd!

    I can’t wait to here about your trip to Japan. You’re going to have such an amazing time. I’m hoping to make it to Melbourne later in the year for a visit, hopefully we’ll have more time to properly chat then!

  4. Oh and we found you again too!
    Glad you had a super-awesome-land kind of market!