Frankie and Johnny were lovers..(lucky Johnny)

i’m a little behind on this one, Frankie has been out for a couple of weeks but i must confess that i’ve never scanned anything before so this is my first attempt! (i’m a lover not a fighter;-))
but the exciting news is that the lovely ladies have included the new ‘morning tea rings’!!
(the set is actually up for grabs, so if you enter, they could be yours!)
Also, while you’re there, do check out the very clever Pip’s crafty project!…she’s got so many good ideas, that one.

‘tiny things polaroid diorama’ craft project by Pip from Meet me at Mikes, Frankie Nov/Dec 09, p 104

One Response to “Frankie and Johnny were lovers..(lucky Johnny)”

  1. OOOooooh yours are the morning tea rings!!! I saw them in frankie and FELL IN LOVE! what a brilliant little idea! It is SO adorable!