Frankie – Tools of the trade

from Frankie magazine #42 p.57

one of the most powerful moments for me, the time when i knew i would always make jewellery, happened when i was 18. I’d dabbled with making jewellery-ish things (wire, beads, some lead soldering etc) but as soon as i sat at the communal bench at SCA & were given our first project (saw-piercing perspex) i knew i was hooked. Those tools!
It was a few years later that i started my apprenticeship & i was told that with each private commission (separate from my normal work) i should buy the specific equipment that i needed (setting plates or doming block etc) even if it meant that it would eat away any profit because that’s how you build a good tool collection.
So it was with great pride that i took some of my most useful tools to be photographed to be included in this month’s edition of Frankie magazine 🙂
I was very excited to see what tools other people brought especially Jane Laver’s tattooing motors! Also featured are the tools of Mike Noga (musician, no words can explain just how good..), James Roberts (bootmaker from Captains of Industry) & the amazing Dawn Tan (love bubbles have popped over here recently)
thanks Frankie!

from Frankie magazine #42 p.53
Dawn Tan’s page – so colourful! (& representing TeamMelb 🙂 i spy a card from Cottage Industry, fabric from Ink & Spindle)