Ghostpatrol news..

detail of the recent flyer for ‘If we’re going, then let’s go’ at Backwoods Gallery

here is another clue to the ‘holiday carving’ i mentioned earlier..
For the last few months Ghostpatrol & i have been working on designs for a jewellery collaboration & i’m very pleased to say they’re nearly ready..
If you’ve been to the studio lately i may have shown you a sneak-peek of the 2 silver necklace designs (i’ve resisted uploading photos but it’s great to be able to chat through ideas with like-minded people & i have really appreciated the feedback i have been given).
Each sculpture will be made in editions of only 99 which will be sold along with a matching editioned print.
So here are some examples of gp’s work – his distinctive style is introspective, thoughtful & almost child-like (but i’m talking a really gifted kid, like a drawing Doogie)
gp illustration & logo for one of my favorite shops, owned by one of my favorite families
possibly the first drawings i saw of Ghostpatrol’s were part of this pencil set series..tear-worthy-beautiful. These images found on Ask Alice’s Blog under the title ‘Dear Santa’ 🙂
a collaboration between Ghostpatrol & Miso
‘wolvien shadow’ found on his Flickr page
& lastly, some softies made a few years ago from a collaborative work gp did with his good friend Cat Rabbit & featured on the blog handmadelife

4 Responses to “Ghostpatrol news..”

  1. OMG How exciting Vic! YAY!! i actually couldn’t think of a more amazing collaboration and I can’t wait to see the results xo

  2. oh WOW!! that is so exciting – ghost patrol is one of my all time favorites. cannot WAIT to see the collection!

  3. oh so exciting what a delightful collaboration!! i look forward to seeing the results x

  4. What a splendid collaboration. Waiting with baited breath!!!