Granny Goodness available in the shop!

Granny square necklace in dark blue & light blue

ahh…at last the granny square necklaces are available to buy online!
I’m so proud of these pieces, i especially love them because each one reminds me of my very talented & generous friend, Kirsty (of kootoyoo) who hand-crocheted the first one & now each of her stitches (hooks?) is preserved in silver.
& they also remind me of my mum who has had a stash of wool/hooks/& squares next to the armchair (near the telly) for as long as i can remember.
If you’re interested in seeing how this piece got started then you can have a look here, here, here & here!

8 Responses to “Granny Goodness available in the shop!”

  1. Love this sooooo much! You turn the most perfect things into jewellery 🙂

  2. these are absolutely adorable!!! 😀

  3. this is so gorgeous…i have a necklace you made (a chair) it is so beautifully crafted and every child who ever sees me wearing it LOVES it…i didnt think anything could top it.. but granny squares-you are so clever!

  4. Greetings from Scotland – I love your work and the Granny Squares are absolutely delightful! What a clever lady. (I keep my wool and hooks at the side of my sofa just like your Mum! – you never know when inspiration will strike!)

  5. They are so beautiful, what lovely work & a what a sweet idea…

  6. Vic…they look amazing. I love your colour choices.


  7. They look beautiful. Nothing like some good ol granny goodness to make your heart smile : )

  8. These are absolutely beautiful Vic. I’ll be putting the pink and red one on my wish list!