Hard rubbish

Last night, a kid on a bike rode past me and on his shoulders was a backpack & a Thonet Bentwood chair. I love everything about that. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, I was trying to soak up all the optimistic joy & comedy of moving furniture in unconventional ways. Have you noticed this too?
During council cleanup times where the streets are filled with piles of trash’n’treasure, my favourite sight is one where people are carrying awkward items – like the long haired guy riding his skateboard while holding a bookshelf or the group of flatmates hauling a wardrobe through the backstreets.
Last time Northcote had hard rubbish I told myself I was only allowed to pick up things ‘for the garden’ but before long I was swinging a wire album rack in one hand & a Slazenger tennis racket in the other giving the ‘Holden Nod’ to other people who were also picking up total gems – I even struck up a few conversations & noticed the embarrassed glee that people showed. I love it all.
This morning when I looked in the mail box I found the council notice for hard rubbish collection next weekend – how good is that?!

Original story, written by Victoria Mason
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