Hello? is it these you’re looking for? (& free things:))

a tribute to Lionel..’hello’ earrings & could be yours for nix!Since Lionel gee’d up the crowd on saturday (least likely song for getting football fans going doncha think?) i though it perfect timing to introduce you to a pair of conversation starter earrings…just walk up to someone, let them check out your ears & off you go!

As these are just for fun i was thinking of making you an offer & it involves the Finders Keepers markets which are on this weekend in Melbourne (first time!!)
If you come to the markets & buy ANY piece of jewellery from me & mention the ‘hello’ earrings..i’ll give you a pair for free!!
so this is just between us huh?
i’ll make as many as i can between now & saturday, then if i run out on the day we’ll work something out. does that sound ok?

6 Responses to “Hello? is it these you’re looking for? (& free things:))”

  1. Oh why do I live in NSW instead of Melbourne where so much crafty action takes place?!?
    Great earrings – you are so generous! 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful time with all the other creatively talented minds.

  2. Sounds like the perfect excuse to buy the necklace I have been lusting after.
    Its the red pencil shaving for me …see you Sunday !


  3. wow how generous are you!?!?!
    hope you have a great market!

  4. Wow! What an offer!
    I so wish (agaaaiin) that we lived in M!! Sounds like that market is going to be a good one!

  5. I am SO excited Victoria!!! SO EXCITED!!!

  6. Aren’t you lovely, what a generous offer! I wish I could be there, those earings are very sweet…