hi ho..

Polishing a ‘saved you s seat’ necklace

I’ve been working hard this week trying to get the orders out before The Big Day.
(“what happens to the time?” blah blah, every year)

My workshop is only a block away from the department stores and is on the popular path between the station & the shops. Just in the last couple of days i’ve noticed the air start to pinch a bit with chrissy-tension, it starts as a few people swinging modest store totes and ends with HUGE bags being dragged along the streets by tired workers with white-knuckled grips.

As for me i’m only taking the good from chrissy –
loving…the parties, the fairy lights (looking forward to assaulting the tree), the garish decorations
not such a big fan of…short-temperedness & carols

One Response to “hi ho..”

  1. hi.
    can you tell me what you do?
    love to write a piece on your business.