His creative space & what makes a good prezzie?

sharpening necklace made by Bill (photo by Madeleine Beatty)

give me ‘thought’ any day…
i met the lovely Madeleine recently (Madz Has Runaway) who let me in on a secret..her boyfriend Bill had miss-timed buying her the sharpening necklace so instead fashioned one out of the real-deal! how. good. is. it.
in my books, the best kind of prezzie!

I’ve never been a huge consumer of new things, i hyperventilate a bit when i get caught in a ‘gift store’…all that landfill..

It’s a funny situation though, when you make things – how do you resolve putting more ‘stuff’ into the world? i think about that a lot & it’s part of the reason i resist the pressure to put out a whole heap of new designs before they’re ready (& part of the reason i don’t do too well at trade fairs :)) I only release new pieces when they’re fully resolved. I make sure that all of the pieces are really thoughtfully made, repairable & solid silver so that they can be potentially refined (remelted). Even though what i make kind of sells alongside fashion (which is notoriously disposable) i figure that when you’re finished with it, you could always pass it on to someone else.

So thanks Madz for showing me this! that Bill’s a keeper…:)
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3 Responses to “His creative space & what makes a good prezzie?”

  1. I love it. And I totally get you about the landfill comment. It’s a tough one indeed.

  2. hehe I love it! Love it he’s made it his own and not try to copy yours.
    Speaking of sharpened pencil necklaces, I need one for my mum for Xmas. Where is the best place to get it? xo

  3. That’s such a sweet gift! And doesn’t impinge on your creative property like the other copies do 😉

    I really like your philosophy; very nice to have someone making keepsakes instead of throwaways!