how to start a stamp collection (unintentionally)

the other day i found a bag of stamps in a oppy…and behind it were another 4. Now, i’ve never collected stamps – i don’t really have any collection direction but i have a bit of a ‘rescuer’ thing. I think that most of what i buy ends up being piffed because of changes in taste (thanks whoever put the 80s style chandeliers in hard rubbish!) but there are other things that make me a little misty-eyed, like why has someone’s whole collection of elephant figurines landed in Vinnies? why isn’t there a granddaughter or niece who would appreciate it?
so i was kind of caught off guard with the 5-bags-of-stamps dilemma and i couldn’t not buy themsomeone had painstakingly soaked off hundreds and hundreds of stamps and stored them for years (i’ve only had a peek in one bag but they seem to be from the 40s – 80s). The other thing that i love about it is that the woman (yes i made that up – i have no idea, but this person is a big letter writer) never put them in a book – just did the bit that didn’t cost any money – i like that.
i’m not sure why i bought them but i’m really looking forward to dividing them into countries…and if i find an upside down plane i’ll let you know.

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  1. Hello to you Pip!
    & Cam yes i also find the thought of breaking up a collection little sad…i like imagining who owned things & then sometimes it hurts my brain.
    & Martta- not silly at all! i’m totally with you with the books – i found a (lovingly made) framed applique the other day & on the back was a card that said ‘for Amy & James on your wedding day 1987″.aww

  2. And here I am to admire your stash and to say I’m jealous! If you have any doubles send them my way, I’m mad for stamps…..

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  4. Your kind post made my heart sing today! I find it quite sad when I find books that have been gifted to someone with a little note on the front page. How can you part with a book like that even if it’s not a good read? I also have a collection of old photographs bought from flea markets. I often wonder who they were and what they liked best in the world. Quite silly I guess.

  5. I feel the same way when I find an old collection in the oppy. It’s always so sad that no-one in the family has valued it in the same way as the person who collected.

  6. Wow. HOW COOL! Go you! Watch out for old Emma Aprons and Hammers… she’ll be sneaking in your window and stealing away with those… Hello, Vic! Hello, Cass!