i think i have a cozy-hangover..

First open fire of the year at chez v&c

If you’re not from melb you may have escaped the icy-winds-of-winter yesterday (& last night) so for us it was the perfect day to light the 1st fire of the year!
We inherited a stack of TheHardestWoodInTheWorld which CJ chopped to fit the tiny firegrate – gee it burnt quicker than i thought it would…
In fact i had such great day yesterday – didn’t leave the house/ate chocolate/drank tea/workhardened earring posts for the markets – that i have a bit of a ‘cozy hangover’ today & just want to curl up under a dooner.

(plus i found this great antler bowl last week in an oppy – part of the road trip – it’s now found home on the mantle in the good company of Anne and Mike).

3 Responses to “i think i have a cozy-hangover..”

  1. What a perfect day!! I wish I had more of those!

    LOVE that bowl. SO COOL!

  2. That sounds so lovely! There was also an icy wind in Sydney yesterday too! yuck! xxx

  3. Sounds like a perfect day. Yesterday I was having open fire fantasies – too good.