i think i’ve become obsessed..

you see it all started with a couple of bags of stamps & 2 days where i was so sick all i could do was..er..sort stamps (& eat everything we had in the fridge).
so now the lounge room has transformed into a sorting room – there are labels on the dishes (thank god i have so many glass apple bowls! phew!) that read ‘czechoslovenko‘ & ‘polska‘ (deutsche got so full that it had to upgrade to the apple serving bowl).
this person has collected stamps from around 40 countries & what i’m really enjoying is discovering the sources of national pride – who are the portraits of? what is the machinery? (could it be that germany is particularly proud of a heat-sealing machine, or is it a photocopier?)
i’m starting to think it would be the best job in the world to be on the Australia Post Stamp Committee, is there such a thing?

hope you have a good weekend!

5 Responses to “i think i’ve become obsessed..”

  1. I recently found my childhood collection. I can let a letter pass me by without getting the stamp off.

  2. ooo what a find!! i loooved collecting stamps when I was young (and bank-notes and coins and mice and fish and owls and many other things too!)

    I loved the ones from Antigua and Nicaragua – places that I guess must send an awful lot of letters to each other (based on the sheer number of stamps I had from there!)

  3. Great! I collect Czech matchbox labels – they’re fab too!

  4. oh yes Emma! gee you really know your stamps huh?
    i am particularly enjoying magyar – most of my favorites are from there including some triangle ones. is suomi finland? master i have much to learn…

  5. Hey Vic,
    the Polish really know how to design a great stamp, they are among my favourites for sure. Japan are good too, and Hungary (Magyar) rate aswell. I love learning a bit about the languages and the history, who knew Suomi was Finland?
    I can’t get enough of the good old Queens heads, and the older French stamps are in such lovely colours.
    I think you and I need to go on a stamp appreciators date!