i was all set for a bad mood until i saw this little guy..

I was picking cj up from work & I had found it hard to find a car spot. Eventually I found one at the bottom of the (very big) hill, I got out of the car in my higher-than-usual-heels (usually completely flat:)) & trudged up the hill to notice that just as I neared the top, a car that had been parked between the 2 prime spots, took off! (did i mention that we were running late & i forgot my phone?) Now after a long day I must confess I was a little crabby…& then I saw this little guy.
Does it say ‘plops’ or ‘flops’?
Either way it works for me.

happy little critter

2 Responses to “i was all set for a bad mood until i saw this little guy..”

  1. These are the same kind of things that make my day too. At the moment my and a street artist friend are collaborating on some cute little monster illustrations to stick up around Sydney to brighten peoples day. Would love to find it made people happy like this little blue guy has done for you x

  2. OH My he’s wonderful! And he was meant for you, to cheer you up!