(if you love somebody) set them free…

i’ve always really really loved inchworms, you know, the ones that move like a squeeze-box? I love them in the same way i love ladybirds & hot air balloons, they slow down time, i have to stop what i’m doing just for the moment we’re together. Too much?
So when i spotted a little caterpillar on the back of a commuter’s collar, i had a moral duty to save it.
So i coaxed her off the collar & then had to juggle Inchy (she was a fast mover!), my computer bag & my always overstuffed handbag while getting my ticket out & moving through train station crowds.

But where do you deliver a caterpillar in the city? Thank goodness that the church still has a garden going! i found a tree & popped Inchy on the trunk & that’s where we parted…

One Response to “(if you love somebody) set them free…”

  1. Dedicated girlfriend, that’s what that is. A simple, exciting story, I didn’t know what was going to happen to dear little Inchy, am so glad she was rescued by you instead of squashed by another.