iMac rubbish

a house down the road is doing some renovations & this is what i saw this morning as i passed their you remember when these iMacs were the height of envy? late 90s, on the cusp of the internet revolution?
it was one of the early examples of technology-as-fashion…(hard to imagine that they were once separate huh?) but now – Oh the indignity! Face down in a skip!!?

3 Responses to “iMac rubbish”

  1. ill remember this next time I feel status anxiety over material possessions!
    all your stuff will end up “face down in a skip” ha!

  2. Oh don’t!
    I had one until Friday when I was trying to do a massive pre christmas tidy up and knocked it off the table…….it is dead.

    I’m now waiting to see if the insurance will pay for a new one….but it won’t be the same.

    I loved that mac.

  3. Gosh I remember begging my parents to buy me one of those and now they are just rubbish!