It takes a village to raise a market stall

Three cheers for the best tuckshop ladies ever!

Hipip Kirsty!

Yesterday was the Melbourne Design Market and i’d just like to say that without the support and hostess-iness  of these three lovelies it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun.
We had an unofficial ‘jewellery tuckshop’ theme which gave logic to the chalk boards, anodized aluminium canisters and labelled tin cans (provided by this girl), aprons and gingham. (and just in case we developed a tired expression, that would just be role-playing ;))
In fact SO many people asked if the labeled tins were for sale that i think it may be a go-er for next year!
It was the first Melb market I’ve been in and boy was it busy. It was great to see so many great designers, (i’m especially fond of Bamakko & Little Salon) and i met lots of lovely new people too.
It was only 4 weeks ago that we found out who was in the Design Markets and because i handmake all of the pieces, it’s been a full-on coupla weeks. Now that it’s over I’m really looking forward to having some time to make the new pieces, stay tuned for new earrings with a crafty theme!