it’s Legs Eleven, Bingo!

ahh.. the year of binary goodness (like tomorrow’s 11/01/11 – see? just fun times ahead!)
Christmas was spent in Sydney this year – a city that i love with my second heart, (melb got my first :)) & being away from home & work & creative things for a week made me totally excited to get back into it, to make a new range of jewellery & to rearrange the shop & get my act together a bit better in general. I couldn’t wait to get back into it, somebody hold me back! i had all of these ideas, i went into work last tuesday and then..
i blanked.
i took Peggy in with me & her face pretty much spells the mood..

Peggy – looking how i felt

How does that happen? how can pure excitement for the return turn to apathetic mush?
..but it’s better now, after taking a few (more:)) days off i came in & started mucking round with some new ideas, including making some settings – sometimes it’s good to just start somewhere huh?
so in the spirit of new beginnings i’ll gather my ‘how to make a basic square setting’ pics & i’ll upload them today..stay tuned!

One Response to “it’s Legs Eleven, Bingo!”

  1. I know how you feel! Argh! You look nice when you are blank though. You look wistfully determined. So that is a PLUS! xx