Jenny the Donkey

“There once lived a man called Chris who loved his wife, Trish, very much & wanted to have a special anniversary prezzie made for her…a silver donkey necklace!

How could i not? (i already had an appreciation)

So off i went researching donkey pictures & started the first version..

I found a picture of a happy donkey eating grass, so i carved a model in wax & sent it for casting but when she came back her mood had changed…

so i soldered on a tail, lifted her head, lengthened her ears, & slimmed her tummy hoping this may lift her mood but she was still as glum as ever – how can this be given a love token!!

So version 2!

This one is slightly smaller, head held proudly & ears alert – much better!

We decided that Trish’s pendent should be slightly different to any others that i made so there are a few unique points including a little smile on the side that only Trish sees.

so here’s version 3, the one that’s available in the studio now ($180) & i will be taking with me to Markit@FedSquare in just over a week. It’s not on the website yet & i’ll just be bringing 2 to the market so please let me know if you’d like me to put one aside for you! Oh! & her name is Jenny cause that’s what girl donkeys are called:)

(please excuse the pov modeling – it’s just to show scale:))

4 Responses to “Jenny the Donkey”

  1. Jenny the donkey happily lives around my neck and always smiles my way! its a special piece of jewellery made by an amazing crafts woman (and given by a sweet husband) that can provoke this kind of emotion x

  2. Don’t like it.


    Just kidding, its awesome. hehe. Cheers


  3. love it Victoria! so adorable. love seeing the progress too. x

  4. Jenny the Donkey is absolutely exquisite!!! you are amazing xo